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 Parent Testimonials

"It wasn’t long after the start of camp that I would hear from my daughter, “I love this camp.” She has said it so many times throughout the summer, that I lost count. My daughter has asked me many times if she “could go back next year”, of course the answer is yes. As a mom, I knew I made the right decision when she told me that she “fits in here.” Lastly, she has decided that when she is old enough, she wants to be a counselor at Camp Shalom. Thank you for a wonderful summer, and exceeding our expectations."


"I’ve wanted to tell you just how impactful camp was for my child! She had a great time and it seemed to help her anxiety quite a bit. You folks do a great job!"


"We were so impressed with the quality of this summer’s programming, swimming skill development, and the quality of camp counselors."

"You guys have done such a fabulous job of instilling all of the important Jewish and citizenship qualities in the kids, they are looking forward to the keepsake of the badges!"


"We’ve been singing all the blue team songs and chants all week (and getting coached by our child) - best place ever!!! She is OBSESSED."

“My three kids were new to camp this year. And I want to share with you that they all loved it. They could not wait to get there each morning. Thank you so much for creating such a fun environment with stellar staff. The counselors were what my kids talked about the most.”


“My son LOVED his time at camp and made me really happy that he got to have such a normal summer.

It also did a lot for his social confidence and I feel like he’s so much more ready for Kindergarten.”


“My daughter enjoyed her camp immensely and has already mapped out her path to becoming a counselor someday.”


“What a fabulous summer camp experience! Thank you for ensuring the care of my most treasured people. Both kids made new friends and learned new skills. How terrific!”

“The kids had their best day in months thanks to you and all the Shalom staff.”


“As we pulled up to Camp Shalom, for the first day drop off, the excitement that the staff exuded was amazing.  It was organized, exciting and made me feel so comfortable sending my kiddos off for a summer of camp during this time.  I cannot thank the Camp Shalom staff enough.  I picked up my kids from camp that day and it was the happiest I have seen them in a very long time.  They are looking forward to the next fun-filled weeks with new/old friends, wonderful staff and tons of fun activities.”


“After only a few days of camp, I have a much happier child!!  We appreciate your creativity and dedication to making the camp experience work safely in our challenging environment.”

“We have been raving about how well camp is going to everyone. You have managed to take all the changes, adapt and keep it running smoothly. The girls have missed out on a lot this year and we are so thankful that they are still able to be at Camp Shalom. Thank you for all the hard work to make it happen.”


“My kids have had such a wonderful time and my husband and are I are so grateful that we had the opportunity to send them. This has been such a bright spot during a very uncertain time. Whether it's woodworking or canoeing or a cool new song they learned, everyday they come home happy and excited to tell us about their day and all the fun things they did with their friends and counselors.”

“With all the craziness in the world right now, I wanted to take a moment to thank you all for the absolutely fabulous job you are doing at Camp Shalom this summer. I cannot fathom how difficult this has been for your team, but I can say without equivocation that the transition from "normal" to "Covid" at Camp has been seamless. The effort your staff puts in with regard to safety is truly remarkable. I cannot thank you enough for making Camp Shalom a safe and happy place.”

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