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Israeli Scout Program

Each summer, we proudly host 2 Israeli Scouts, who come to us from Israel’s Tzofim Summer Delegation Program; teens between the ages of 16 and 17 years old.

At Camp Shalom, the Scouts share their experiences and backgrounds with the campers and staff, help us to incorporate Israeli culture into our daily activities, teach us a Hebrew word of the day, play Israeli games with us and plan our annual Israel Day celebration. 

Each of the Summer Delegation Scouts are hand selected, out of 60,000 candidates throughout Israel; only 60 are chosen to represent their delegations in the United States; they are then assigned to camps throughout the country. Scouts are selected based on extensive interviews, proven leadership experience, high levels of scouting achievements and more.

Prior to their arrival to the United States, we set up host family housing for each of the teens.

If interested in learning more information about the program, please contact Colby Wyckoff,

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